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Come on in, the water's, um, murky and a little bit scary, I think there's something else in here with us but try not to think about it or the anxiety will crush us both...

Well, let's chalk this up to an experiment but this feels like a way that you can directly support my endeavours and get yourself a little something in the process.

For your £20 (or more, please more) a year, you'll get all of the digital releases that I produce for my bandcamp platform as D.Fyans (and probably some Erstlaub things too), generally focussed around my eurorack modular excursions. I'm generally pretty prolific and the works seem to come in at over half an hour so you could theoretically end up with quite a lot of new gear to listen to and have the warm and fuzzies from supporting a destitute artist.

As a little sweetener, for the time being, the Erstlaub material gets thrown into the pot too so strike while the iron is hot...

There will also be the occasional subscriber only exclusive tracks, depending on how this works out some other artwork, video, images, etc. basically whatever i can do to sweeten the pot.

Any support is massively appreciated, if you've got any questions, bookings, hatemail, etc. send it to dave at


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Get all the new music they release, plus bonus items from their back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

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I subscribed to D.Fyans Bandcamp page and all I got was this lousy, wait, what even is that, is it moving, I think I'm going to be sick?!

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