1. The Fire In The Ground

  2. Perilous Shallows

  3. Raw Cursus

  4. Bird of Ash

  5. A Building Of Remorial

  6. Breaking Light

  7. Crawling Under

  8. The Things Still In The Ground

  9. Under The Green Veil

  10. I Am The Sound Of Coming Flame

  11. Les Halles

  12. Ostara

  13. Set In Flame

  14. Sylphen Ring

  15. The Beads Of Night

  16. The Weight Of Too Much

  17. Auchterhouse Dreaming

  18. Crushing Depth

  19. The Short Of The Knife

  20. A Machine To Take Apart Time

  21. And The Trees Dripped Poison Onto The Earth

  22. The Cave Of Rain

  23. The Road Runs Right Through It

  24. Marsh Cascade

  25. A Door Of Jutting Bone

  26. A Half Breath

  27. The Long Shadow In The Stones

  28. The Cave Altar

  29. Beneath The Corn Moon

  30. Between The Fires

  31. Where Should I Be When The Blackness Falls?

  32. Trapped With The Bear

  33. The Ever Fallen Shade

  34. Redacting

  35. The Eyes And The Fire

  36. Over Gallowhill

  37. Blairhall Procession

  38. Asleep Inside The Ground

  39. In Beira's Wake

  40. Ritual Gains

  41. Between Fallen Lines

  42. Those Baneful Apples

  43. Let The Stones Bury Me

  44. Held Beneath The Water

  45. The Desolation Of Hestia's Lyre

  46. One Day The Things Inside Me Will Eat Their Way Out

  47. Dragging The Blackened Chains

  48. The Cold Knife In The Turn Of The Year

  49. These Poisoned Lands

  50. The Burning Black Breath On The Back Of Your Neck

  51. The Torn Palaces

  52. Salt The Borders And Paint Symbols On The Doors

  53. Pulled Apart In Time

  54. Plant Rowan Above me

  55. Centuries Of Bodies Interred Under The Blood Moon

  56. Broken At The Wheel

  57. I Remember Every Time You Have Killed Me

  58. A Soul Bound In Blackfire

  59. A Knocking At The Ritual Gate

  60. The Hidden Moon Shines A Curse Upon Your House

  61. The Tears Of The Mountain

  62. The Thorns Keep Digging Deeper

  63. Mindless Heartless

  64. Schmerzwiese

  65. Idling Yantra

  66. The Luxury Of Not Drawing Breath

  67. The Dragonfly On Fire

  68. Shmashana

  69. A Wake Of Buzzards Endlessly Tearing At My Flesh

  70. The Saint Of Ruin In Repose

  71. Striking Heroic Poses While Everything Around You Is Consumed By The Rot

  72. The Burned Temple

  73. The Fool Hanged In March

  74. Circle Of Ghosts

  75. Nachzeit

  76. Knochenwolke

  77. The Great Pyramid Of Boleskine

  78. Triple Key

  79. The Hawthorn Aswarm

  80. Die Runner Träume

  81. Running Your Hands Over A Rocky Surface Trying To Make Out The Carvings

  82. lllullll

  83. Blight Laughs

  84. The Orphan Of Stars

  85. A Solstice Moon On Shattered Bones

  86. Skull Friday (for DIL23)

  87. The Fist Of The Aleatorian Order

  88. Charnel Altar

  89. The Stellar Sedentarist

  90. Mute Voltages

  91. Threnody

  92. Garland Of Snakes

  93. Motet

  94. The Mother Knocking At The Door

  95. A Clock Cutting Through Ice

  96. Bluehell

  97. BC50

  98. A Wheel Made of Ice

  99. Beilaufig

  100. Twelve Trees

  101. Dustchurch

  102. In An Object

  103. Time In Bronze

  104. Moos (Bonus Krell Reversion)
    David Fyans

  105. Stein und Flechten
    David Fyans

  106. 5-21
    David Fyans

  107. Sedna (for Peter Christopherson)
    David Fyans

  108. Resonantes (nach Radigue)
    David Fyans

  109. Esplanade
    David Fyans

  110. The Mountain Also Sings
    David Fyans

  111. Sessions
    David Fyans

  112. Prayer Wheels
    David Fyans

  113. A Cursed Summon
    David Fyans

  114. A Rising Sea Swallows The Temple
    David Fyans

  115. Subscriber Series
    David Fyans

  116. Zeitkratur
    David Fyans

  117. Zerbrochenen Spieluhr
    David Fyans

  118. For La Monte Young
    David Fyans

  119. Die Brennende Sanduhr
    David Fyans

  120. Verlassenlust
    David Fyans

  121. Ausschlaufen
    David Fyans

  122. A Drone for Winter

  123. Untethering
    D. Fyans

  124. A Drone For Midnight
    D. Fyans

  125. First Dawn
    D. Fyans

  126. Shee Gaoithe
    David Fyans

  127. Forgetting How To Waltz
    David Fyans

  128. Radiowerk
    David Fyans

  129. Fifth Circuit

  130. Reiff

  131. Women Of The World

  132. For Pandit Pran Nath

  133. Run Around The Room

  134. A Chorus Invisible

  135. The Resonant Frequency Of A Cursed Relic
    David Fyans

  136. The Persistence Of Decay

  137. Causality, Unbuilding

  138. Inside Stone

  139. Groundshift

  140. Spirit Trap

  141. Unfolding Inwards

  142. Atom Town

  143. DeConstruct


David Fyans Scotland, UK

David Fyans / Erstlaub - audiowitch, artist, plugger in of things into other things, soundmonger, maker of images, video and stills, presser of buttons and rotator of knobs and assorted other follies.

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