Stein und Flechten

by David Fyans

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Patch Notes:

Maths Channel 4 is self cycling. The EOC is clocking Batumi, NanoRand and both sides of A149-1.

A random LFO from Batumi is attenuated in the middle channel of Maths and is fed to the both input of channel 4 meaning that each time the envelope reaches its end, a new value is fed in which changes the length of the next slope.

The 2 channels from A149 (QRV and SRV) are going to both channels of the A156 Quantizer that is sends new 1v/oct information to STO1 and 2 (STO1 is being FM'd by STO2).

The FM amount and Shape control of STO1 are being modulated via Blinds with assorted channels from Batumi/NanoRand.

STO1 is passing through Optomix being opened by the varying channel 4 of Maths and straight into a mixer with Strymon BlueSky and ElCap Pedals on the Aux bus.


released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


David Fyans Arbroath, UK

David Fyans / Erstlaub - artist, soundmonger, maker of images, video and stills, presser of buttons and rotator of knobs, Insurance Underwriter for the National Tropospherics Commission, occasional writer of things and assorted other follies.

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