In An Object

by David Fyans

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ALM Pam's Workout clocking Nano Rand, A149-1 which in turn are sending random voltages to the two channels of the A156 Quantizer and then on to a pair of STOs/Optomix Channels, the clocks that seed random voltages are multed to also trigger channels 1 and 4 of Maths to open the Optomix channels.

Another clock channel from Pam's is triggering Disting's Quantized ASR which is feeding Rings v/oct input. Rings audio out goes to DLD and out to the mixer. DLD's loop out is fed to the reverse input meaning that on every end of loop pulse, the buffer flips and plays back/records in the opposite direction.

A heavily attenuated and offset (via Blinds) sine LFO from Batumi is modulating the tempo input of Pam's leading to a wobbly, drunken clock.

As ever, everything goes straight into a mixer with Strymon BlueSky and ElCapistan Pedals on the Aux bus and is recorded as a single stereo track in Reaper via a Focusrite Saffire Pro.


released February 7, 2017



all rights reserved


David Fyans Arbroath, UK

David Fyans / Erstlaub - artist, soundmonger, maker of images, video and stills, presser of buttons and rotator of knobs, Insurance Underwriter for the National Tropospherics Commission, occasional writer of things and assorted other follies.

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